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Criminal Protection of the Property


The Criminal Protection of the Property is a group of norms that concern the penal protection of all the distinctive signs that characterize Companies, which are the exclusivity of the marks, patents, designs, intellectual and industrial properties, or the lawful dissemination of intellectual works.

A first aspect concerns the protection of the economic initiative’s freedom from any form of aggression, having as immediate and direct aim the compression and the suffocation of the entrepreneurial activity.

Also, Criminal Property Law safeguards the company’s image towards the public and competition within the market. These are mainly crimes that concern the falsification of distinctive signs of a company and its products or services, which exploit, in an illicit way, the return of the image that it has formed over time.

In addition to physical and material protection, the technological value of production (called know-how production) is also protected when confidential pieces of information are unlawfully disclosed or economically used. 

The Law Firm Trizzino Triulzi, since its inception, is specialized in successfully assisting its customers within the different and complex cases that the Criminal Protection of Property presents.

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