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Agostino Marzano

Agostino Marzano graduated in Law from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan.

After being part of a well-known law firm based in Milan, starting from 2019 he decided to join The Law Firm Trizzino Triulzi.

Collaborating with the lawyer Federico Triulzi, he works with Criminal Law, Criminal Building Law, Medical Liability, and violations against people and properties.

He deals mainly with crimes related to Organized Crime, to the regulation of drugs, terrorism, as well as violent crimes against people.

I firmly believes that a Process is the place where the prosecution has to necessarily face the defense. Besides that, there’s the denial of the main mechanisms that rule a Country.”

Agostino Marzano is a member of the Management Council of Erone Onlus.

Agostino Marzano has been signed on the authorized trainees’ Register of Certified Lawyers of Milan since 2018.


Agostino Marzano



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