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Crimes against Public Administration

Crimes against Public Administration are considered some of the most serious forms of aggression against the public good.

All over the years, the Legislature has been severely fighting any kind of corruption, concussion, and other forms of impartiality and efficiency of the state machine’s deviations.

The Law n°3 made in 2019, cd, “Spazza corrotti”, has exacerbated the criminal response to such conduct, not only in terms of sanctions but also with the use of harsher accessory penalties, such as the inability to contract with the public administration for the period that comes after conviction.

The criminal cases in question include graft, embezzlement of the State, the undue perception of disbursements to the detriment of the State, corruption, bribery, incitement to corruption, undue inducement to give or promise utility, office’s abuse, refusal or omission of office’s acts, the interruption of a public service or public need, the disclosure of office secrets, the outrage or resistance to a public officer, and more.

Those crimes include any person involved, both corrupted and corrupting, that are both private citizen and the public officer.

Due to the very wide range of criminal protection reserved by Law for these crimes, it is not always easy to distinguish a lawful behavior from an illegal one, and it is, therefore, possible, both for the citizen and for the official, to run into errors of assessment which may lead to criminal proceedings.

That’s why it is essential to use the assistance of attentive and up-to-date professionals to find the best defensive remedy, but also to prevent potential problems through prior consultation with the Firm.

The Law Firm Trizzino Triulzi deals with following any situation through constant research and updating activity, which is crucial for the defense and the prevention of crimes against Public Administration.

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