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Family criminal law


A family is a central social formation for our legal system, which enjoys constitutional protection according to art. 29 cost.

There are many types of families today, and the integrity of each of them enjoys protection even under criminal law.

Therefore, those conduct of prevarication with which a member of the family undermines the equity and dignity of the family nucleus are punished, that is, conduct that violates the very legal nature of the family.

The most punished behaviors are various, and they can be divided into crimes against marriage, family status, and family solidarity, depending on the specific interest affected.

Among the most common crimes, there are some against family care related to the failure to pay child or spousal support (art. 570 bis CPC), the international abduction of children (art. 574 bis CPC), or even ill-treatment in the family (Art. 572 CPC).

About ill-treatment in the family, it is recalled that this crime also refers to all social situations which can be assimilated into a context of family confidence, such as workplaces.

Concerning the international abduction of minors, it is useful to know about the existence of a special procedure for the repatriation of minors provided by the 1980 Hague Convention, which allows a streamlined and timely assessment for the best interests of the child.

The Law Firm Trizzino Triulzi is fully aware of the human and technical approach needed to address family criminal law cases. Due to the many particularities and importance of this subject, the Firm owns a team of professionals who have experience in primary studies of Family and Minors Law, ensuring each customer the support and protection they need.

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