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The crimes and contraventions against the environment are regulated by the T.U. Environment (D.Lgs 152/2006) and by the Penal Code that, following the reform made in 2015, has inserted in a special title “the crimes against the environment”.

The Criminal Environmental Law deals with all crimes against the environment, relating to behaviors that compromise or significantly deteriorate water, air, soil or subsoil, ecosystem, biodiversity, flora, or fauna.

The Law Firm Trizzino Triulzi has gained considerable experience over the years, dealing with Environmental Law since its inception, and maintaining a timely update thanks to the constant relationships with consultants specialized in environmental matters.

The Environmental Law is a field that constantly changes, and it is never easy to distinguish a lawful behavior from an illicit one; that’s why The Firm’s professionals always guarantee a complete and accurate legal assistance, both to defend customers from an accusation for such crimes and to report an environmental kind of offense.

Criminal environmental law

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