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Federico Triulzi

Federico Triulzi graduated with a degree in Law from the University of Parma.

After many collaborations wit important law firms Milano based, he decided to start his own law firm Trizzino Triulzi in 2013.

He deals with Criminal Law, Criminal Building Law, Medical Liability, violations of safety and hygienic rules in workplaces, Environmental Protection, Cultural Heritage and the LIbility of Legal Entities.

He has been working on Law 231 and supervisory systems as well as crimes against Pubblic Administration.

He provides Companies with a great deal of advice in the field of Corporate Criminal Law.

For almost twenty years, he has had the opportunity to deepen his knowledge  not only in terms of crime against people and properties but also in areas relating to drugs regulations, Criminal Food Law, Intellectual and Industrial property rights infringements.

In the last few years he has also started focusing as a Company Consultant for Hemp Farming and Selling for both medical and personal use.

For years he has been part of the Lombardy Onlus "City Angels", Board of Arbitrators, and a member of the Supervisory Body of a primary medical facility.

He is member of the Criminal Chamber "G. Pisapia" in Milan and he is associated with Italian Federation of Human Rights.

Federico Triulzi has been signed on the Register of Certified Lawyers in Milan since 2003 and the Register of Pleaders among there Court of Cassation.

Federico Triulzi


Linkedin: Federico Triulzi

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