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Transnational criminal law


Transnational criminal law concerns crimes involving places, assets, companies, and people in different States.

Due to the increasing ease of circulation of goods and people involving modern society, the crimes associated with it have also increased.

The Judicial Authority prosecutes these crimes with the help of international bodies, such as the judiciary and the liaison, Eurojust, Europol, and Interpol, which allow rapid coordination of investigations and actions on the ground.

Dealing with trials involving crimes of a transnational nature requires a particularly careful and well-prepared defense that relies on the help of professionals connecting in the various foreign territories involved.

The Law Firm Trizzino Triulzi is composed of multilingual professionals, who have lots of experience in international institutions that have allowed them to develop an international approach in case management.

Moreover, the Firm has always relied on the collaboration of professionals from other countries, with which it provides mutual support and a fruitful sharing of knowledge on the functioning of their respective legal systems.

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