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Aldo Macciani
Of Counsel

Aldo Macciani graduated in law from Università of Milano. 

He has been signed on the Register of Certified Lawyers of Milan since 1991.

He is qualified to patronage in for Cassation Court  and Superior jurisdiction since 2003.

He has been President of Commission for laws exams abilitiation at Milano tribunal during   2004 – 2006 – 2008- 2010.

Froom 2011 to 2018 he has been Honorary Magristrate as  vice Attorney at the Pubblic Prosecutor of Varese.

Since 2018 he is official member of the Lombardy Commission that authorize law practice abilitation.

Since 2019 he is also member of Lombardy Commission in the Metropolitan city of Milano for the nominee of Security Guard eligibility. 

He has been nominated the Laweyer of tree insurance companies.

He has made a lot of debt recovery for several companies in North Italy.

Since 2011 he has a lot of expertice in penal law; drugs traffick, family abuses, stalking, tax crimes, defamation also through press, personal injuries and unintentional murders.

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