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Light hemp growing 242/2016 and drug discipline


After the entry into force of the right 242 in 2016, it was introduced the possibility of growing and marketing the cd. light hemp, that kind of marijuana free from narcotic substances, which does not cause psychoactive effects and, therefore, does not include the crimes under the consolidated text on drugs (DPR 309/90).

In Italy, hemp is regulated by the consolidated text on dugs, which has always punished the growth, production, sale or supply, transfer, distribution, trade-in, and transport of narcotic substances, including marijuana plants.

However, the Law n°242 set on December 2, 2016, authorized hemp cultivations which were signed in “the common catalog of agricultural plant’s variety of species”, indicating that they are not covered by the consolidated text on drugs and those permissions for their growth are not needed.

This Law is nevertheless complex and stratified.

The Law Firm Trizzino Triulzi has recently gained considerable experience in assisting and advising its customers who wish to open a business within this field.

In addition to this sector, the Firm has also gained considerable experience in the medical use of drugs.

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