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Preventive measures and seizures


Preventive measures and seizures are an instrument aimed at protecting society from subjects who, for conduct and standard of living, could be considered habitually engaged in criminal trafficking.

These are sanctions that affect the freedom of the person, facilitating the control and supervision of the bodies responsible for preventing the commission of crimes, which is the free availability of goods that constitute the product or the reuse of illicit proceeds.

Regarding the actual prevention measure, it is the seizure hypothesis aimed at the confiscation of those assets whose purchase appears incompatible with the standard of living resulting from the tax returns.

Another hypothesis provided by the law is the so-called “extended confiscation”, with which assets can be seized and then confiscated up to the value of the profit assumed in the prosecution, regardless of their legitimate or illegal provenience.

The use of these kinds of prevention and repression instruments has expanded more and more over time.

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