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Civil law

The civil field is managed by the founder and Lawyer Gaspare Emmanuele Trizzino.

The Firm has been assisting Individuals and Companies for years with the utmost professionalism and promptness in the various needs of the Civil Law field, always pursuing the interest of the customer as its main goal.

Supporting and safeguarding individuals, The Firm’s professionals deal with assisting their customers in any controversy or developing project.

As for assisting Companies, The Firm deals with managing and preventing any kind of criticism. It supports each business area, dealing with managers in a direct way for the optimal protection of the company.

The Firm’s professionals help customers in their Civil needs, also in English and Spanish, thanks to their competences and international formation.

Our firm frequently works in collaboration whit other professionals in Milano on the following areas

Labour law,

Tax law,

Administrative law.


Always ready to stand for your rights

A team of professionals at your service

At us doors are always open. You will always find a team of professionals ready to support you in any need:

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