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Juvenile defense


Juvenile Criminal Law, which procedure is disciplined by D.P.R 448/1988, has its legal system, with specific procedural mechanisms and numerous alternative solutions in addition to those typical of the ordinary process.

The criminal trial in the Juvenile Court is managed by magistrates specialized in juvenile matters, assisted by professionals in the psychological and educational field. 

The case of minors is also a fully-fledged criminal trial and, in the case of innocence, the demonstration of this must be the priority.

However, the main focus of this kind of process is the minor’s growth.

The choice of the most suitable measure may, therefore, be the crossroads between a life of deviance and personal fulfillment.

In this difficult balance between what’s useful and what’s right, it is essential that the minor’s Lawyer is adequately prepared and knows how to deal with this particular process in the interest of the minors assisted.

The Firm Trizzino Triulzi includes professionals who have specific experience in the field, gained alongside juvenile magistrates.

The Firm faces every juvenile trial with the awareness that this is not a process like any other, but represents a crucial turning point in the lives of the children involved, rightly or unjustly.

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