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Crimes against property


Crimes against Property punish any aggression against others’ properties, starting from theft, fraud, and embezzlement.

Such crimes include not only individuals, but also companies, contracts, and Public Administration. They are crimes committed to pursuing illicit profit.

Though they are more common than others, those crimes may become aggravated because of particular circumstances.

Even only one of those differences may decreet the prosecution of the crime, and consequently a significant difference in the penalty or the possibility or not to access certain procedural benefits.

That’s why the Law Firm Trizzino Triulzi provides a technical defense which is accurate and specific in any manner, including the needs of the assisted customer.

Crimes against Property are divided into sections, such as crimes made by violence to goods or people, and crimes made by fraud.

Crimes against Property made by violence to goods or people

They are crimes where aggression is directly addressed to the good or its owner.

Theft can be variously qualified by several or specific aggravating circumstances when the same is consumed by forced entry, tampering, robbery, or depending on whether the violence or threat to the person is used during or after the abduction to ensure possession of the good or impunity.


Crimes against Property made by fraud

Crimes against Property made by fraud include scam, artifice, or deception in order to gain illegal profit.

The most typical example is a fraud, regulated by Decree 640 c.p., which punishes anyone who uses scam against people to gain profit.

This kind of crime is aggravated when aimed at the undue obtaining of public funds; when technological systems are involved, it’s called cyberfraud.

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