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Cybercrime is one of the most current and expanding legal issues, since it includes a multiplicity of crimes scattered in the Penal Code, and placed in the light of the underlying and effectively harmed law.

Technology, with the tools it uses, has become essential in everyday life, both at work and in personal life.

Because of that, it is particularly prone to become the means of many criminal behaviors, which are committed even at a distance.

Those crimes may indeed affect the computer assets, as in the case of computer damage, that is the privacy of individuals, or the most classic abusive access to a computer or telematic system provided by art. 615 ter c.p., until you get to computer fraud, the crime committed using a computer medium to mislead the injured person.

Another recent development of this branch is that of Cds. Social media Crimes, that is, the crimes committed through social networks, typically attributable to identity theft, defamation, up to the most serious cases of child pornography or minors’ solicitation.

The specific competences of the Law Firm Trizzino Triulzi’s team, made of professionals and young enthusiasts, provide assistance to the victim or the accused always up to date and aware of the computer means behind these crimes.

In addition to this, the Firm relies on the collaboration with leading experts in the field of computer science, which is of decisive importance in the resolution of cyber Crimes cases.

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